A Handful of Free Apps

Take a fresh look at the ever evolving favourite and some not so familiar free phone apps that can ease the way, and entertain us through our busy lives.


A favourite custom keyboard is SwiftKey, letting you type with swiping gestures, as it figures out what you’re trying to say. Typing this way is faster and easier than doing individual key presses, and you can swap back to the standard keyboard by tapping the globe icon in the lower left.


A free app that intelligently helps you find time to do the things you want to do, without interfering with the things you already have to do. It has a superbly simple and clear interface; it’s a great app for busy people.


YouTube used to come preinstalled on phones, but that’s no longer the case. If you haven’t got it, install the YouTube app to get quick access to all kinds of videos, from movie trailers to tutorials. You can rely on YouTube to help figure out the long list of things in life that you are too embarrassed to ask someone else to teach you.


This app is fabulously popular (despite the fact that it’s now owned by Facebook), and an ever-evolving toolset helps keep it relevant and fun. For the uninitiated…, you can snap photos (or shoot short videos), edit them, and share them with the community; or just lounge and watch as others share their snippets of life.


Also from Instagram, this app makes creating time-lapse videos simpler than ever, and, also acts as a video stabilizer, which is really handy too. It does only one thing, but it’s impressive and fun to use.


Keep opportunity within reach, this app will help to build your own personal brand, creating a network of important connections, allowing you to search for, and follow people, jobs companies, groups, and engage with professional content.


A modern workspace that will help optimise your output, the free, straightforward note-making app has strong search capabilities and easy organization. It will also synchronize all your files by saving them to a cloud service. Also being handy to write, take notes, and even snap pictures of whiteboards and PowerPoint slides, so you can pull up information later on.


What was the name of that movie… the next time you can’t remember the name of an actor, television show, or film IMDb will save the day. One of the handiest reference websites in the world, IMDb is on the button when it comes to looking up anything that has to do with TV, film, or Hollywood. The free app also comes with a useful range of other features.


A virtual pinboard that lets you organize the stuff you want to keep while surfing online, it’s a great tool for projects, including collecting and browsing images of things you like or that inspire you, as well as sharing them with others.


Wikipedia is the go-to source for fact-checking in the mobile age, and their own app usually returns results faster than a mobile search engine, so half the fun of having a smartphone is looking things up when you’re in the middle of a bet—and proving yourself right(hopefully).


Your personal magazine, a great place to keep up with the news; follow topics that concern you and share photos stories, and videos that you find influential.

Converter Plus

A great unit converter with a wide list of currencies and units in hundreds of categories, it also includes calculators for mortgages, loans, tips, fuel consumption and many other everyday problems.


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